Our Mission

Kemco International® Inc. is in business to:

Create products that satisfy your metal-working, metal parts cleaning, machine cleaning and general industrial hard surface cleaning requirements

Create products that surpass quality expectations

Guarantee 100% on-time delivery

Guarantee competitive pricing

Provide lead times that support "just-in-time" manufacturing

Create new, state-of-the-art products by utilizing the latest advances in raw material technology

Gain your respect and loyalty

Company Profile

Kemco International® Inc. manufactures metal-working fluids used by industry to rust protect, form, shape or machine metal parts. These parts are subsequently used in transportation vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, buses and airplanes. Cleaning solutions to remove the metal-working fluid from the finished metal part, and floor soaps to clean the factory floor and other hard surfaces, are also offered. Many products are listed on the General Motors LS-2 specification (ask for the FID number).

The custom designed factory, built exclusively for Kemco International in 1994, is just minutes away from I-69 and the I-80 interchange in Northeastern Indiana

Employees are educated, experienced, professional and dedicated to providing quality products, on-time

Kemco International's professional affiliations and/or memberships include:

ASQ (American Society for Quality)
ACS (America Chemical Society)
CMA (Chemical Manufacturers Association)
ILMA (Industrial Lubricants Manufacturing Association; Manufacturing Member)
WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council, Chicago Branch)
United States Chamber of Commerce


Closed topped, steam jacketed, 6000 gallon mixing tanks are mounted on load cells so that raw materials are weighed, not flow-metered into a batch

Computerized batch blending automates and controls each mixing parameter

Turbine blades rigorously mix product

Final product is filtered and tested prior to shipment

Product Package

Products are available in 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote, and 6000 gallon bulk tanker quantities

Quality Management Certification